OHH: Episode 114


April 22nd, 2021

57 mins 6 secs

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We're back for a mid-week Happy Hour! Please be sure to check out 'New Music' in an attached episode.


Tina biopic on HBO
DMX passed away at 50yrs old from an alleged overdose
Derek Chauvin Trial for the murder of George Floyd- HE’S GUILTY!!! on all 3 counts
Head of NYC’s BLM chapter calls for investigation of organizations’ co-founder after she spent over 3M on 4 homes
Nick Cannon out here being a rolling stone!! With 2 women pregnant (1 prego with twins-DJ Abby DelaRosa) and has a girlfriend 🥴
Chet Hanks wanted a white boy summer, got hit in the head with a pot by his black ex gf - yet he’s still out promoting WBS/BQS
Black Rob passes away @ 51yrs old in hospital from unknown circumstances
ShockG passes away at 57yrs old, he was found in a hotel room in Tampa, Fl., investigation is still under way
Makayia Bryant 15yrs old gets shot and killed by police..she called police for help but gets shot because she had a knife; trying to protect herself
Amazon Prime: Close Encounters of 5th kind


City of Compton primary nominating Election
House GOP attempts to censure Rep. Maxine Waters