OHH: Oliver Happy Hour


About OHH: Oliver Happy Hour

This is an hour-long episodic podcast series called Oliver Happy Hour. Hosts are siblings (IG: DaisyO - @daisyo, Devy Dev - @dco_love, & Darrin, Darrin - @daredog91) who have degrees and passions in social work, self care and mental health, psychology, african-american history, spiritual development, music and human resources. We blissfully laugh, make up stories, develop ideas, support each other, and share practices that transforms society into a more conscious space of existence. Our desire is to reach radio spheres playing music, discussing current popular or political news & events, and conducting interviews with friends, family, influencers, movers and shakers. We are an elite family who grew up in Compton, CA. We find ways to connect society together with innovative and creative processes that pioneer a new form of communication via an old school technology source - the radio. Recorded via audio and video each episode, live and direct

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