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We're back this week to bring you New Music, What's Poppin' and Politricks!


  • Brandy - New Album “B7”
  • Jessie Ware - What’s your pleasure
  • Gaidaa - Stranger (feat. Saba)


  • Beyoncé's BLACK IS KING on Disney+
  • Netflix adds classic Black television from UPN/CW/WB: Girlfriends, Moeisha, One on One
  • Meg the Stallion makes comeback on IG. Not appreciating ppl commenting on situation when they know nothing about what happened.
    • Draya got fired from SAVAGExFENTY
  • Abuse at the Ellen Show
    • details of patterns of abuse by lead producers of the Ellen show that impacted many who called the show their first job experience.
  • Malik B of the legendary Roots crew passes away at age 47.
  • 18yr old brother of Frank Ocean passes away in car crash
  • Logic shares that Joe Budden’s statements (“he should’ve retired along time ago;” “he’s the worst rapper”) saying that such statements make people want to commit suicide.
    • the rapper is retiring after releasing his 9th studio album.
  • G HEARBO launches “SWERVIN’” initiative to team up to fund therapy for 8-12 weeks for black youth 18-25.
    • he shared candidly about his own diagnosis of PTSD.
  • Black & White photo challenge: what is is about? Women Empowerment??


  • Bill Clinton was with two young girls on an island with Jeffrey Epstein.
  • Officer who shot Michael Brown will not face any charges. St Luis prosectors decline to file charges against Darren Wilson.
  • Expiration of the $600 additional fund for unemployed.
  • due to Republicans wanting liability waivers for employers to send employees back to work.
  • Trump wants to postpone election.